Friday, December 02, 2005

Hitting and Biting

Both found in last week's Entertainment Weekly:

"Mischa Barton flashes breast on the O.C.
Any chance of flashing a little talent while she's at it?"
-Hit List by Dalton Ross

"Fox is concerned about possible fines from the FCC after a scene in last week's O.C. aired,
in which Mischa Barton's nipple slipped out of her shirt, most likely in search of food."
-Amy Poehler in Sound Bites


  • Okay, guess what?! while you were away news continued without you! OMG! it's, like, sooooo fashionable to hate on a waif chick whos boob pippity-pops out! OMG! you're so, like next week! Serious! Ellen, of all the girls in the world, you're the last to be hating on waify boobs! I love you still, but hate one mischa and you hate on me, k!

    By Blogger toastycakes, at 5:21 AM, December 03, 2005  

  • Hahahaha, I knew you'd love it, toastycakes. But it wasn't to be mean, just to be funny. C'mon, how can you not see the humor? I know you do.

    By Blogger Isolatrix, at 7:37 PM, December 03, 2005  

  • There's a little plastic man in your hair!
    i love you iso! and i totally get it...
    The OC is sooo LAGUNA BEACH: The Real OC!. I feel like a traitor, jesus, this season of laguna beach was just toooooo good, and this season of the OC is just sooooo bad!

    My comment was mostly because the nipslip was so like last weeks news... I've got the shit in hi-def if you're into it, but it's seriously like watching an entire episode of Regis & Kelly waiting for like a millisecond of a pippa-upskirt... it's like turning on your tv and expecting Christina, Selma, and Cameron in THE SWEETEST THING but instead getting Brittany in Uptown Girls.... well, maybe not that tragic, but you get the idea.

    The new OC bumpers say, "it's just like your neighborhood... only hotter." The original tagline was, "It's nothing like where you live!" If i wanted to see my miserable f---ing life on tv, I'd watch Degrassi (girls, i need some help on this one - was there ever a fat kid episode? suicide or unrequited love or something homoe like that? or is Degrassi even too bourgeois for fat kids?! Fucking Canadians!

    By Blogger toastycakes, at 8:30 PM, December 04, 2005  

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