Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fuck! Bamboo... Whatever.

Fuck! Bamboo - Whatever.

last night something happened. I saw something and I don't know if I'll ever be the same. it was like a rainbow coloured unicorn, soaring above newport, sprinkling its platinum dust on all the missoni and madras below.

adam brody and kristin from laguna beach: the real OC. Together on a late night talk show, on the eve of season three. it was like the word of gsus, materialized as awkward interaction between two not-really-real people... it was like a john cage record at 120 decibels. a skinny, gawky jewey kid being showered with pure love from a hundred fifteen year old girls - most of which i would happily go to jail for - as he confidently explained that he only likes movies that he's in, while the plastic blonde princess explained that she's over laguna beach and decided to forget about television and auditioning so she can focus on pursuing her acting career. yeah - it didn't make much sense when she said it either. They both admitted that neither has ever really seen the other's show, which was surely a letdown to every member of the audience as well as us hopelessly romantic fans at home, who live, breath, and sleep these shows. They stopped short of admitting that they don't even watch their own shows, but i have little doubt in my mind that their mondays and thursdays (respectively) are spent in front of the tube.

my god she's beautiful.


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