Tuesday, August 29, 2006

So Shiny I Can See My Face In Them

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Werd Nerd, Roll a Range Range!

Slow day... Jennie's leaving and I'm not happy! Stacy and I rollin' deep in M Wade's re-dick Range! What you do see: My amazing one hand camera technique. What you don't see: MLO being fabulous a lil adjacent to us, Jennie and M Wade being adorable up front... and a bowl of limes. Sliced. Thanks!


Monday, August 21, 2006

Miss Kittin Fairchild the Tween

Peaches, Miss Kittin Too


So Stacy and I, we went to Northridge yesterday... No, not for the good friends, good food, and good laughs (we went to Olive Garden for those!), because this adorable lil kitty was gonna be euthanasia-ed at five pm yesterday and we went to save it!

It's so cute, and it's 4 months old, but really young looking and playful (like all my bitchez!) and has full vaccines and is totally house trained and Stacy is keeping her for right now but she's getting REALLY REALLY attached and me too and we need to find it a home, so if you know anyone, or are anyone, let me know and I'll love you even more than I do. Okaaaay! Bye!

(even if you can't, just enjoy how adorable she is...)


Friday, August 11, 2006

She Thinks It's Really Funny When...

Kittys & Creatures & Bears, Oh My!

Sooo Jennie, You Don't Even Know!

Sooo Jennie, You Don't Even Know!

Stacy and Jennie and Mack!

Baby, Light My Fire!

Stacy and Jennie and Mack!

We're Soooo NOT Amused.

Stacy and Jennie and Mack!

Mickey Avalon, Rap Phenmenon!

Stacy and Jennie and Mack!

So Many Less Than Threeeee!

Stacy and Jennie and Mack!

Stacybear's Stacy Face.

Stacy and Jennie and Mack!

Awake On My Airplane...

Stacy and Jennie and Mack!

Too Cool 4 Everything!


Thursday, August 10, 2006

I Am The Walrus

Yes, those are Sparks. YES! That IS McK! Yes, you DO love it! xxooxxoo


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Downtown Boogie Woogie

Mondrian was one of my first favorite painters, so it's not surprise I love the sprawling grid of los angeles. I cannot imagine anything more quiet and beautiful than flying away from LAX on a crisp, clear night like this. Climbing over the ocean before dipping around to catch a sweeping view of the city - trying to trace the streets back to your neighborhood, trying to find the globe above VKC tower (go trojans!) or the Staples Center on a game night... this is not from a grand departure, but rather from another quiet place. Another time though...


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Red State Latter Day Saint!

Blue States Lose is the best thing to hit New York since Elizabeth Wurtzel's scorching case of vanity chlamydia [or you could insert a Nick Cage vehicle / career joke here if you're sassy!]. The premise is simple - it's kinda like tossing a twinkie in the lunch room in kindergarten and tripping the fat kid as he runs to grab it off the floor: flip through the infinite stacks of solipsistic, self-satisfied hipsters from a few select photo sites and clown dumb chicks in leotards and shit emo homo dudes with their mom's eye shadow and undescended testicles. This is pretty much what i do whenever I got out east of Highland, but the shit is actually infuriating, so maybe it's like hug therapy - like seeing that other people hating on that fucking chick in Footsies rocking the Parisian / hamburgler striped top underneath the shawl she's crocheting (needles dangling) as she bounces from table to table, offering to play Radiohead or Fiery Furnaces jams on her mini-accordian (or, ugh, a fucking Melodica!) in exchange for napkin poetry that she's going to eventually publish in her memoirs. So anyway, Blue States Lose is like the best part of my week. It's like a warm cup of cocoa for the disillusioned [me].

The Cobrasnake. Hand Van Cable TV photo #5739: We've said it before and we'll say it again: We love consistency in our hipster youth. Take this fellow, for example. Not only does he clearly agree with the right to bare arms, but he also clearly agrees with the right to bare his arms. There's so much arm baring going on in this motherfucker that the drummer from Def Leppard is waiting outside hoping to collect the runoff. Poor, shattered man.

NPR Agrees.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Do You Love It?!

I hope someone does. Over fifty thousand people have looked at my photos on this page... and I hope NONE of you have read the homo-e nonsense I write for them because it's fucking boooooring!. XXXs and OoOs to all you you silly kids! I love ya!
... but not as much as I love Kristin! Seriously.

Laguna Beach Season 3 is a joke, but The Hills was given a second season, which I'm pretty excited about. Josh Schwartz said he's going to reinvent The OC in Season 4, focusing on lil Caitlin Cooper (aka Jennie Jennie!) and doing the New Class thing just like Laguna Beach, so I guess that's pretty much over anyway. I'm still drinking black vodka in wake of Marissa Coop, so I'm not completely over it, but mostly. I don't even remember Season 3 happening. Weird.

Nooooo Steeevan! She's only 25% Asian! You can fuck the other part of her!

post script: Dominique Swain has been hanging out here for about 45 minutes, just chillin.

She's rockin' this gauzy white sun dress. It so thin i can make out the design on her panties... I've never really liked her but I'm going bonkers over her right now! Funny thing is, when I told her that Happy Campers is like my favorite movie, she lost it! She became my fan she was so excited. It was kinda adorable... in a misguided youth kinda way.


The Slums of Beverly HILLS

The Hills Season Finale tonight. Get into it!



Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I Killed Video! But Do I Look Good?!

I've got lots and lots of awesome stories. Here's my story of the hottest fucking thing I've seen in a month.
Yesterday I was in American Apparel on Robertson, flirting with the hollywood / brentwood retail girls and hunting down the Photo Issue of VICE magazine and i decided to try on some shirts & stuff. I found a totally fetch Kelly Green california hoodie that looked pretty smart, I think, and was walking out of the dressing room with an enhanced feeling of self worth when I saw the most ridiculously fucking hot girl standing in the dressing room corridor, wearing nothing but an army green jersey invisi-thong bottom and a coked out glaze. She posed for her girl friend. "Does this make me look skinny?" "You look fucking hot!" Yes. There's something incredibly square about acting as cool as I did - like it would have been way legit to just start giggling like a schoolgirl and blowing kisses at her perfectly tanned, teardrop-shaped boobs. Whatevs. Hottest fucking thing this summer!

Que Onda MTV?! I <3 You! The best record of the 1980s came from the Hollywood Rose + The L.A. Guns (along with the best artwork, illustrated by Robert Williams), but it MTV let these punks tear shit up with Stephanie Seymour and a Steinway! Rock The Cradle Of Love is probably the most memorable music video of my childhood (thanks betsy lynn!), but I've got too many favorites to count. Homo Romantics hate on MTV for getting commercial, but it was born to The Buggles, so lay off haters! I mean Tabitha Soren wasn't exactly Anderson Cooper, but really, who is? (she did, however, win a Peabody for her 1992 Choose Or Lose series). The Real World changed television forever, and those music videos that you claim they don't play have are probably the single greatest influence on modern cinema (for better or worse), from editing and pacing, to colour and cinematography, they have changed they are the bleeding edge of [popular] motion pictures, and with them MTV has changed the way we absorb media. So on this, the 25th Anniversary of MTV, I can proudly say.... i think I kinda have a thing for Heidi! I mean, seriously, she's A - Dorable!. For those about to rock...