Wednesday, September 21, 2005

brunette ambition

brunette ambition

I might as well call it, Do you get the inside joke?

...Mischa Barton, star of college-cult US TV show The OC (rich kids gone wrong, pleasant to look at) is currently the most fashionable teenager in the world, specialising in “boho chic” otherwise known as “strato-spherically expensive jumble sale for toffs”.
“We live in a very superficial culture,” says the London-born Mischa who’s obsessed with Shakespeare, “and if I could’ve chosen when to live my prime years, this century wouldn’t be it. This era is driven by things that are so far from a human aspect. It’s all money. There’s much less freedom these days and we’re more conservative now than ever, more than we were in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties and it’s just becoming more conservative. Things are marketing-driven towards the young generation because people think young people have so much influence and are worth so much money. My generation is very competitive, from high school. By the time you get to college you pretty much plan out your whole life, a lot sooner than you might have a couple of generations ago.”
And what might this most sensible of 19-year-olds, the most fashionable 19-year-old on Earth, currently be wearing? “A woven brown skirt, a brown tank-top and my beat-up vintage boots.”
     from the Sunday Herald


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