Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hot Ass Dimples

Hot Ass Dimples

Hot lil as dimples are like, the new thing. Some call them back dimples, some call them Dimples of Venus, but whatevs, I was into them way before they were cool. The best belong to swimmers and dancers. For some reason it helps if a girl is a slut too...

These are my ass dimples (well, not mine, but you get the idea). Things about this that scream white trash? First, that homo Too $hort ice swinging... that's a biggie. The garish tattoo wrapped around her waist (it says "Faith." very...umm... spiritual?). Beer pong is a red flag, and that it's with heineken caps instead of pingpong balls doesn't help. She's like the chick version of Volcek, but with those sexy lil bumps... yeah.



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