Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Under The Sea 4Ever!

Under The Sea 4Ever!

Toasty what????? YOu are so cute. I love you and yes!!!!! I 'm a comin wednesday Love you Sweetie Yay!

So how amazing was Desperate Housewives this week, seriously?! Bree was getting her klondike bar creamed and loving it! I think she's officially the foxiest piece of ass on the block - so hot! And I totally thought Greys Anatomy was the new Ally McBeal so imagine my surprise when I saw Calista Flockhart's beautiful glistening smile (she may have the best overbite in hollywood!) light up the screen in Brothers & Sisters! I think I'm totally in love with this show... which is good since I'm sooo fucking over Laguna Beach and The OC! Willa is amazing (yeah Jennie, the real one too!) but I still miss my Marissa! even more now that Mischa has become Fraggle Olsen. Whatevs. Veronica Mars is back next week, so if you need me you know where I'll be tuesday night... (I hope... right girls?!)



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