Monday, August 21, 2006

Miss Kittin Fairchild the Tween

Peaches, Miss Kittin Too


So Stacy and I, we went to Northridge yesterday... No, not for the good friends, good food, and good laughs (we went to Olive Garden for those!), because this adorable lil kitty was gonna be euthanasia-ed at five pm yesterday and we went to save it!

It's so cute, and it's 4 months old, but really young looking and playful (like all my bitchez!) and has full vaccines and is totally house trained and Stacy is keeping her for right now but she's getting REALLY REALLY attached and me too and we need to find it a home, so if you know anyone, or are anyone, let me know and I'll love you even more than I do. Okaaaay! Bye!

(even if you can't, just enjoy how adorable she is...)


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