Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Get Ya Sexy On!

Get Ya Sexy On!

Giving up is the easiest thing in the world to do... You can move on, but if you're lucky some day you'll have a second chance at loving again...

This week is amazing! First, Britney drops her whitetrash homo husband, a few dress sizes, and even a lil bit of her retarded southern twang! That one is kinda personal for me... i remember dancing with Britney (well, next to her anyway!) at Josephs back when Brent Bolthouse used to do Monday night there. It was right before she got married, she was on the decline and everything in my life was pretty sketchy too. Things are looking up though, for both of us!

Democrats. Suck my fucking cock Donald Rumsfeld. He'll be getting a seven figure paycheck from some military contractor by the end of the week, but it's a victory of principle... and a great compliment to the true victory in the House! Again, it takes me back to 1996. I remember the Republicans taking the majority and wondering what that would mean for the country. My political ideology was not as strong as it is now, but i was big Clinton supporter and I felt like things were taking a turn away from progress. Also a very formative time in my life... for a lot of reasons. There are certain milestones in my life that defined who I am right now, some good things, a lot of bad. I made some decisions at that time in my life that brought me where I am right now, which is a good thing i think. But a lot of bad ones, and a lot that would have made me a very different person. No regrets, but I just wonder how things would be now if I had chosen differently in high school. That book really opened in eighth grade, in front of the gym with a cute girl named monica and a lot of peer pressure... i hope that it burns to ashes in a wamr fireplace very soon.

And of course... THE OC is fucking back! It's back and I'm soooo excited! Last week's episode wasn't amazing... this week's is! Steve-O as a coked our drunk marine, Seth's tattoo, Ryan doesn't completely fag out, Summer shaves her birkenlegs and hopefully kicks the stoner to the curb k-fed style. Autumn Reeser is sooooo fly! i love her. LOVE! HER! And Willa... Caitlin Cooper is my everything! LOVE! Mischa is soooo dunzo in my heart and in my life! Fuck! She was everything wrong with the third season... The handjob dudes she attracted, the retarded drama, everything. Laters sweetie!

Etceteras.... i just found the first girl i ever had a crush on in the entire world. Re-dick.


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