Tuesday, December 27, 2005

seventeen by sixty four bit

seventeen by sixty four bit

I don't go to friends' shows... poetry readings, recitals, gallery openings, concerts. I hate that shit. The only thing more inconsiderate than telling your friend that he/she sucks at whatever it is that they think they can do is imposing your faggio talent/passion/activity on your friends.

My friend asked me to go with her to see her friends' adolescent, geeky, high school band a few times... after missing the first couple shows, i decided to give them a chance...
and they turned out to be better than most bands i've heard... ever. Definitely better than any bastard nouveau art/music cal arts grad music kids I often have to endure. Sure they're nerdcore, and Dream Theatre / Joe Satriani / Rush is easier to do than Sex Pistols most days... but they did it well, and better they performed like rockstars. The droves of sixteen / seventeen year old girls didn't hurt. Check um out.



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