Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Soapy, Squeaky Clean

Lauren Bosworth: How far are you and Stephen away from each other?
Lauren Conrad: Like, five minutes.
Lauren Bosworth: Really?
Lauren Bosworth: I think you guys are gonna get married.
Lauren Conrad: I think we're gonna be best friends.
Lauren Bosworth: That stuff happens, though, you know, like.
Lauren Conrad: I don't wanna marry Stephen.
Lauren Bosworth: Why? He's cute, you'd have pretty babies.
Jen: You would have pretty babies, your babies would be like the popular people at school.
Lauren Conrad: That's sweet.
Jen: They would.

Lo's Mom: Lo it's not a fashion show...
Lauren Bosworth: Every day's a fashion show mom.

Stephen Coletti: [to Kristin] What am I suppose to be? Happy to see you?!

Kristin Cavalleri: Jessica, he's cheating on you! Take it from someone who used to cheat on her boyfriend. Those are signs of him cheating!


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