Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Do You Love It?!

I hope someone does. Over fifty thousand people have looked at my photos on this page... and I hope NONE of you have read the homo-e nonsense I write for them because it's fucking boooooring!. XXXs and OoOs to all you you silly kids! I love ya!
... but not as much as I love Kristin! Seriously.

Laguna Beach Season 3 is a joke, but The Hills was given a second season, which I'm pretty excited about. Josh Schwartz said he's going to reinvent The OC in Season 4, focusing on lil Caitlin Cooper (aka Jennie Jennie!) and doing the New Class thing just like Laguna Beach, so I guess that's pretty much over anyway. I'm still drinking black vodka in wake of Marissa Coop, so I'm not completely over it, but mostly. I don't even remember Season 3 happening. Weird.

Nooooo Steeevan! She's only 25% Asian! You can fuck the other part of her!

post script: Dominique Swain has been hanging out here for about 45 minutes, just chillin.

She's rockin' this gauzy white sun dress. It so thin i can make out the design on her panties... I've never really liked her but I'm going bonkers over her right now! Funny thing is, when I told her that Happy Campers is like my favorite movie, she lost it! She became my fan she was so excited. It was kinda adorable... in a misguided youth kinda way.


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