Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Chaise Lounge Breaks

Break Chaise Lounges

I kinda don't know... i never intended for this to be a pop culture thing, but this was just too much! We all know mischa was seen snorkeling more than coral on her holiday in hawaii, but what news from yonder window breaks?! She got engaged to k-feds stunt double over the weekend! Damnit. God Damnit! I hope that this guy at least has massive garbage, because otherwise I feel like i may have had a chance... I mean, I think this is gonna have the lifespan of a resilient fruit fly, but still!

I always thought it was weird that all of my loser/deadend friends got married [threw their lives away] right out of high school, and I kinda saw los angeles as an escape from that midamerica myopia, but from britney to nicole to talan to mischa, it seems like [social] suicide really is the new gay!

this week's vocabulary word:

homoengaged (intransitive verb)  To find someone as pathetically self-absorbed and egomaniacal as ones self (a fagsimile) and form a relationship with that person based on a mutual lust for self-destruction. To hold on for dear life, so much so that you would sacrifice your lifestyle and happiness for the comfort of sharing your misery with this other.

In other news, Just Jared says what I've been saying for months (though mostly just to spite cynthia):Kristin Cavallari is the face of HOT in 2005! In the words of steve rubell, if you're here right now, it's only because I love you. laters.



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