Sunday, November 27, 2005

i [heart] pink bush!

i [heart] pink bush!

I have a few things on my wishlist. We'll get to those eventually.
I have a few things to be thankful for... that's a new thing for me (i'm a shithead, get used to it).
Things on your wishlist:

  • a kickass website to love love love!

  • a new design for the holiday season

Done and done (yeah girls, you can steal it and call it your own...)
xoxo bitchez! more laguna and neptune love on the way.

Postscript. This site looks sevenXseven times better in safari than in anything else. I put this futura 2080 xxxmas playlist on myspace like two fucking years ago! Nothing new, but still for real. Feliz Navidad!

  • Christmas in Hollis - Run DMC
    The finest coming together of xmas jingles and b-boy hip hop.

  • All I want for Christmas Is You - Olivia Olson
    From Love Actually. It'll give you a tooth ache ladies!

  • I Heard Santa On The Radio - Hilary Duff
    Santa Clause Lane is one of my top ten albums of all time, it could rock the Gaza Strip

  • Sleigh Ride - Hilary Duff
    I honestly though this song was her original. That's how much I hated xmas music before Hilary.

  • Santa Baby - Ertha Kitt
    The sexiest christmas song of all time. Could turn your chestnuts into lumps of coal.
    bonus points for being the Chrismukkah theme of 2004

  • Baby It's Cold Outside - Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald
    Zoey Deschanel is not attractive, but sings the shit out of this song in Elf (which is terrible).

  • Holiday Road - Lindsey Buckingham
    Is this technically a christmas song? Yes it is, go fuck yourself.

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas - Vince Guaraldi
    The longest running tv special ever. Most kids' first taste of jazzy music.

  • Merry Fucking Christmas - Mr. Garrison (Matt Stone & Trey Parker)
    I played this for my hindu RA when I was a freshman. She cried. Nuff said.

  • White Christmas - Otis Redding
    Nat King Cole made it a classic. Otis made it filthy. DEAL!

So there ya go...


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