Sunday, November 27, 2005

she puts the sexy in dyslexia

she puts the sexy in dyslexia

kristin is a cutie. LC is just so f-ing ditzy that you kinda gotta love what she's all about. Jessica had the fattest-ass-ever! in the first season, but she really tightened her game, brought it back down to earth and won my heart this time 'round.

But it's no contest. Lo is the one for me. She is everything that i love about life!... in short, everything that I'm not. She's the perfect girl who smokes shrubs once in a while but hasn't moved into that awkward stage where she trades her John Frieda for patchouli and hemp shampoo. She's got that singsongy cadence that makes even the bitchiest, most malefic things sound like sugarplums. She's so adorably sweet... Girls just wanna have fun.


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