Saturday, November 05, 2005

Lucky Stars

Lucky Stars

i've been spending a lot of time hating, so this is to sprinkle on a lil love.

  • to the girls who know it's better with glitter

  • to the boys who know the difference between stylish and homo-e

  • for ali larter, before Varsity Blues, when she was just Sean's crush on Boy Meets World.

  • for water balloons, squirt guns, spice girls, and mucho gusto mariachi.

  • to bitch-ass-stacy-face! I'm her #2, which is better than her cameltoooeee sister!

  • andrew always puts things into perspective, but I'm still old.

  • to teen dramadies and whip cream bikinis, they're my only hope.

  • in no particular order: Aladdin, Armageddon (...and i dont wanna miss a thing!), Black Balloon, bouncy balls, Crash, Clueless, Dandy Warhols, division (long & joy), egg nog, [super] ellen, fallacies, fortune cookies, glish, glitter, heroin, hotcakes, ireland, iridescence, junkfood breaks, juxtapoz, killers at one am, kisses on xmas, lickable parts, lisps (purple sparkly ones).

i received a fortune cookie last week that said, "people think you're very smart."
I couldn't have said it better myself.


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