Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Think Outside Her Box...

Think Outside Her Box...

I predicted it a month ago... some of the foxiest Kristin on Kristen hottness - things you couldn't dream! This is a photograph of the beach near my house on New Years Eve. Remind me again why New York is sooo cool?!

I kinda let sentiment slide this year - there are no heartwarming memories to recount, nor any songs / movies / events to list (like you didnt see, hear, and experience the same fucking shit!). The REAL OC soared past the "real" OC, Notre Dame made my heart stop with four point three seconds on the clock, and Katie Morgan (named after her drink of choice, kinda like Malibu Cindy!) said it best:
"You can come on anything, just not in anywhere."

I've been bad. I'll write more... I just hope you'll keep reading!


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