Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Like Being Pelted with Marshmallows

Like Being Pelted with Marshmallows

My biggest problem with Lost in Translation was that Scarlett and Bill Murray did not fall in love in the end, my biggest problem with Garden State was that Natalie and Zach did.

Shopgirl is one of my favorite things of 2005. If you know anything about me it's pretty obvious why that's true (and yes, I'm sure it was an even more amazing book, but I'm illiterate, so fuck off for a sec, thanks!)... It was kinda like Lost in Translation, but if Scarlett and Bill fell in love... Not that Steve Martin falls in love with Claire Danes, but, well, ya know... That, and Jason Schwartzman actually beat the odds and out-hipstered Giovanni Ribisi in the tragically emo hipster / scenester kid playing an iteration of himself category - truly a feat!

Bill Murray and Steve Martin make these movies great... any attempt to explain why would sound waaay too much like dave, and it's too cold outside for seppuku, so I'll let you complete that thought. Scarlett Johanson kinda sucks a lot, but she's actually decent in Lost, probably because she's basically playing herself. If you ask any girl with a bit of pink bits, she'll tell you that she has a special place in her heart for Claire Danes a la My So-Called Life, but to me she'll always be fair Juliet Capulet or the impecibly named Sookie Sapperstein. She plays demure well, which is completely fucking hot, but as Mirabelle, she's exemplifies girls' kittyish instinctual loyalty.

I always liked Elisa Donovan, particularly in her cocaine face stage. Coach Deemer just made her crabwalk a lap around the gym to FIGHT ON!, the USC Trojan Victory Song... National Champs forever and ever!



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