Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas In Heaven

A Magical Christmas Time!

Christmas in Los Angeles. About 78 degrees, blue skies, fresh air... I had never been on a rollercoaster in my entire life - maybe I'll add a never have I ever list to this a lil later - so yesterday i went to Magic Mountain with one of my best friends. We tried this in August but after spending an hour waiting in line to buy tickets to get into the park, we decided we should just get trashed at 11am and sneak into the freshman cafeteria at USC. So we decided Christmas Eve was the right time and we were not going to give up. No lines, no 112 degree Santa Clarita heat, no gangsters thugging out and stabbing people... just enough people to make the park exciting, a lot of sweet, sweet cheeks to make it worth while, and some of the most ridiculous roller coasters ever conceived! I've always lived by the theory, if I have to be a bear, I'm gonna be a grizzly, and so my first roller coaster experience ever was Tatsu,, the latest, greatest, most fear-inducing ride around.

So here's the thing, and my friend said it first, but if you've ever driven with me behind the wheel, flying through the air in one of these monstrosities is just another day. We hit every ride in Magic Mountain in about three hours - it was a fucking awesome Xmas, but seriously when we were on Superman we were like, "what the fuck are we doing? Backing into a parking space on 30th Street?"

It's always the ones we love that peace out around Christmas... James Brown will be with us forever though.
Be thankful, he's given us generations of music and an style.

Aime moi, fesse moi, attache moi. Merry Christmas!



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