Monday, January 23, 2006

Bubbles & a Rub-A-Dub

Bubbles & a Rub-A-Dub

So, i thought the homo british accent only worked on ditzy american chicks in san francisco.... but Kate Moss has been canoodling with Jack Osborne around town! Bitches are losing ground left and right around here! I hate alt, indie-rock, scenster, williamsburg/silverlake rocker fags... for like, literally a hundred different reasons, but mostly because they're so unapologetically social-climbing to be something big. They're like the desperate girl, wandering around the party at the end of the night: Maybe they won't out-n-out ask you to fuck, but they'll stand next to you and rub on your junk until it just happens. Case: Strokes drummer starfucking Drew 'piglet' Barrymore.

I think there were at least a dozen things i wanted to mention here, whatevs though, right?! I mean, when the fuck are people going to stop talking about Angelina and Brad... Okay, he's rough trade and she's got big tits and makes out with her brother - move the fuck on, k! Willa Holland (aka Caitlin Cooper) is a funny little slut... if i didn't know better I'd think she was a Pacific Palisades cocktease... her myspace is hilarious because she drops the N-- bomb and gets titface drunk just like me! Kisses Caitlin! Someday soon I'll post some of my myspace greatest, but for now I'll let your mind wander.

Stacy Face is coming back to me and I'm soooo fucking excited! you don't even know, right?! So what if we're cooler than you are?! We're gonna tear this town a-fucking-part! I'm still waiting for something sweet from you here stacy... and C... please, please... i got rid of Kristin and everything... come on!

This is a photo of Piper... a pretty girl, Kappa, and i guess she thinks she's a singer or something. Her sister used to be totally fly, but i guess now she's a newscaster in Iowa. Go buckeyes!


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