Monday, January 30, 2006

Tidbits. From the desk of...

Tidbits. From the desk of...

A few things. There may be a really disturbing union in the works... with Mark the Cobra Snake. Doubtful, but we'll see (xoxo to Amy @ LAX! So fucking HOT baby! Loves ya!). Just as Phil of The Future became my favorite new show (solely because of Alyson Michalka!), it was cancelled. A word or two about Alyson though - She has a much less attractive sister, and she is Hilary Duff's voice fill in Raise Your Voice, Lilo's in Herbie, and Michelle Trantenberg's in Ice Princess! She's the one who sings all of those amazing songs that lets you know what the girls are thinking (to compensate for inability to act. Speaking of, can someone give Mischa her phone number?). Speaking of Mischa, she'll be sworn in as an American citizen next month - I guess the good taste in dudes is not a prerequisite. Maybe if Arnold has his way, she'll... totally, like, one day be president & stuff! Heeeey.

Sure, there are many great things about the Sunday LA Times, but the Los Angeles Time Magazine was the best... until a few weeks ago anyway when it disappeared! I've been buying it in the store recently, so I don't know if still comes with delivery. Can someone let me know?!

The best compliment I received this month (thanks ellen!): "You smell amazing! Like pretty girls... and high school!"

I've always been a lil disturbed by Luke Perry Syndrome. I mean, suspension of disbelief becomes even more difficult when you know the captain of the football team is signing up for the AARP. Rachel McAdams definitely shocked me a bit, and Kristen Bell too (but she's adorable, so it's cool!)... it's one of those things you just kinda have to move past. But finding out that Miss Seventeen, Jennifer Steele was a twenty year old student at the University of Wisconsin really blew me away! With her 13 year-old face, freckles, and sweet, sweet braces, I was ready to love her to pieces! But she did what so many vapid chicks do - she made her hardship her defining characteristic. Maybe it just means she's a marketing genius, but a quick search for any biographical information produces only slight variations of the same sob story she offered throughout the show. We all had a shitty childhood and we were all dealt a shitty hand at some point - the rest of us got over it! Good luck with your pity party fucker, I hope it takes you far. She's not a leader, she's not a role model, and she's definitely not a Seventeen-year-old girl! God, why couldn't she just be more like Kristin!

Since everyone else here is doing the silent thing, I'll give a quick overview:

  • Cindy was amazing and beautiful on Jeopardy last week!

  • A bunch of millions of people are going to hear Isolatrix's voice during the super bowl

  • Stacy face is finally moving back where she belongs! She'll be in town all week looking at lofts.



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