Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Where have all the cowgirls gone?

Where have all the cowgirls gone?

Can we be friends? This is where I'll be this thursday. Some general info:

Lo began doing coke at the end of her junoir year and throughout her senoir year. You can see she was skinnier on the show but then porked up. She was not hooked on it but she was more the "jump on a bandwagon" type where if her friends did it, she would. Nikki says, "She gave my now boyfriend's friend Eric (who's now 24) oral for a ride home."

Jason is my hero - he either dropped out of or got kicked out of high school, he now lives with Ste-phen! Ste-phen! Ste-phen! and parties every night. He was reportedly in and out of rehab twice during the first season for booze et coke, and allegedly one of the big reasons he and Alex M. broke up was because he rammed her head into a wall.

Oh, and Stephen is totally fat. (take that however you like!) Take a walk on the wild side.


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